Money Heist tvseries download season 1 – 5 (la casa de papel): Season 4

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Modern Robinhood gang! With EL S.D mask! EL SALVADORE DALI MASK!! Its never about the money, its about the system. Money Heist season 4 download.

Which is more evil? To rob a bank or to invent one? In 2011, the European Central Bank made 171 billion Euro out of nowhere. Do you know where all that money went? To the banks. Directly from the factory to the pockets of the rich. Did anyone call the European Central Bank a thief? No. ‘Liquidity injections,’ they called it. The Dalis make a liquidity injection, but not for the banks. Money Heist season 4 download.

This is addictive to the point that you don’t understand how you’ve watched it all at once.

It’s unpredictable, it’s suspenseful, it’s twisted, it’s AMAZING!

Why it has so many mixed reviews here I really don’t get it. Probably because of some inaccuracies with the plot.

I for one sometimes need a show that gives me those extreme emotions. This was one of them, I enjoyed it a lot. download all tvseries from toxicwap

This show is an unrivaled masterpiece. I want to give it a 12/10. I found it on a complete whim and was drawn in immediately. If subtitles aren’t your thing, fear not, you’ll forget they’re even there halfway through the first episode. The acting is superb, the storytelling is insanely wonderful and the number of left turns this thing takes will literally make your head explode. i can only hope a part 4 is in the works. I want more and more and more of this, please. Money Heist season 4 download.

Lacasa de papel is one of the greatest TV shows of all time.. awesoe acting and genius writing.. Elprofessor character is one of the best characters I’ve seen. Money Heist season 4 download.

I watch whole 2 season in a single go. Before I start, I saw some people rate low this series. I honestly highly recommend other not to consider negative comment. If this series isn’t best then no series will be good than this. Money Heist season 4 download. download movies from movieware

Anyway, heist planning and making and acting all was tremendous. I enjoyed every piece of episode. Director knows how to make TV series. I have been always fan of crime, thriller and twists. This series was perfect for my taste. No other series can beat it. I liked Breaking bad, Game of thrones, The sinner, Dark but La casa de papel (Money heist) is exceptionally good. I highly recommend everyone to watch this show. Worth time spending on this show. Money Heist season 4 download.

One more thing, this is a TV series not a true event. I know something which can never be done in real life, but who cares. May be it can be. However I enjoyed this show very very much. And I want to congratulate all actors and directors and all production crews. Mind blowing job guys. Keep it up! and Make this type of TV series more and more. Money Heist season 4 download.

I am still very much excited 😀 Many many thanks for my heart.

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