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Angel from Hell | o2tvseries

Jan. 07, 2016
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Angel from Hell | o2tvseries

When over-the-top Amy enters Allison’s organized but imperfect life and claims to be her guardian angel, they form an unlikely friendship and Allison can’t be sure if Amy is actually an angel or just nuts. Angel from Hell can be watched from o2tvseries. 

Storyline of  Angel from Hell

ANGEL FROM HELL is a single-camera comedy about Amy, a colorful, brassy woman who insinuates herself into the life of an organized and seemingly perfect young woman, Allison, claiming to be her “guardian angel.” Allison is an intense, driven doctor who is sure that Amy is just an inebriated, outspoken nut, until every one of her warnings proves true. Angel from Hell is a good Tv Series you can watch on o2tvseries.

Cautioned by Amy not tell anyone about her, Allison can’t discuss this over-the-top oddball with her father and business partner, Marv, a sunburned dermatologist who shares an office with Allison, or her younger brother, Brad, a pharmaceutical sales rep who lives in a guest room over her garage. Angel from Hell o2tvseries

As Allison tries to push Amy away, Amy makes her final pitch: her sole mission is to provide Allison with helpful guidance that nudges her in the right direction in life – and it’s her final chance to prove herself as an angel. With that, Allison agrees to this unlikely relationship because maybe a weird friend is exactly what she needs… and … Written by CBS

Allison Fuller (Maggie Lawson) is a dermatologist working with her father Marv (Kevin Pollak). She is confronted by Amy (Jane Lynch) who claims to be her guardian angel and that her boyfriend Evan is cheating on her with her best friend Jill. Brad (Kyle Bornheimer) is her brother. Her mother died a year ago and she has been taking care of everybody except herself. Angel from Hell o2tvseries

Some people may be tired of Jane Lynch’s brash character acting. I still find it fun if not funny. Everybody is good in this. The show could have helped itself by making Amy’s guardian angel claim less proved. It could add intrigue to a rather simple comedy. Instead, it is definitive right from the pilot. This is still watchable network fare but it gets canceled after five episodes Angel from Hell o2tvseries.

Jane Lynch plays a guardian angel (word angel being used loosely here) that’s watching over Maggie Lawson character Allison who is an uptight doctor with a “no fun just work!” policy.

The pilot is interesting and light hearted which got me interested in following this series.

There are two issues I can already spot in this series.

First off this is a one camera production even though it really doesn’t have to be! you have a supernatural being that is arguably more demon than angel, why not dramatize it? a single camera approach is more appropriate for more realistic settings and slices of life stories…. or blair witch projects knockoffs! not in a supernatural series, it just cheapens the production. Angel from Hell o2tvseries

Second is the dialogue, for the most part the lines are OK, the main actresses are fine and Jane Lynch is living for this role but… some of the lines here are beyond saving, they’re so bad they actually take you out of what was supposed to be a heart felt moment! Now admittedly they aren’t too many of those but still when they come up you’ll notice them! Angel from Hell o2tvseries

Over-all this is an interesting series with flaws, still the good out ways the bad by a mile so give it a shot and see how it goes!


Angel from Hell | o2tvseries
Angel from Hell | o2tvseries
Angel from Hell | o2tvseries
Angel from Hell | o2tvseries
Angel from Hell | o2tvseries
Original title Angel from Hell
First air date Jan. 07, 2016
Last air date Jul. 23, 2016
Seasons 1
Episodes 13
Duration 21,30m

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